For a while now, I’ve been thinking about blogging about interesting stuff I find while trying to master the Swedish language.

Languages fascinate me and I can talk about them for hours. I really like to look at and discuss¬†commonalities and differences in languages. Since I live in Sweden I’m learning Swedish and although I’m not fluent, I’m at the point where I do understand about 95% of conversations and can have basic conversations in Swedish, without feeling like a compleet idiot. At home I speak a weird mix of Swedish and English with my girlfriend and sometimes I try to speak Swedish at work too.

Over the last 3 years in this cold, but beautiful country, I noticed that knowing Dutch and English well, together with some elementary knowledge of German and French, enables me to piece together most Swedish pretty well. Especially Dutch/German and Swedish share quite a lot of vocabulary. On this blog I’ll share some of the more interesting things I find in my day to day life.


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